Skåra Hestesenters hjemmeside

Horseback riding


Horseback riding with guide

On well-trained, calm horses groups of maximum 4 people can take a trip to see norwegian nature with their own guide. The guests will be shown the following:

  • An underground bunker made during World War II
  • A “klangstein” (hollow rock)
  • Thousends of years old rocks melted together

The trip takes about one hour. The guests participate in grooming and saddling the horses. The trip goes on gravel roads and hilly terrain, and can be adjusted to both beginners and experienced riders.

The guide speaks norwegian and english.

Price: NOK 350 per person.

Please contact: Bente Anette, phone no +47 97 06 98 94

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07.09 | 07:33

De fleste starter etter de har begynt på skolen.

05.09 | 18:05

Hei, i hvilken alder kan de starte med og ri?

26.06 | 19:14

Er det ledig ridetimer i klubb i 2023?

14.06 | 19:23

Hei Bjørg Evy For øyeblikket er det kun ridetimer i grupper...